Connect to your computer
No software needed, just plug in your sticks and get connected.

Connect to your PC from anywhere in the world

Nothing to configure, simply plug the “Home” Miracle Stick into a USB port of any PC* and take the “Away” Miracle Stick with you. Plug the “Away” Miracle Stick into any internet connected PC* and you instantly have access to your “Home” PC.

Great For:

  • Hassle free access to files and applications on your home or office PC while you’re traveling.
  • Providing technical support in an instant; both users can follow along in real time.
  • Monitoring your children's online activity and keep them safe from online predators.


  • ACCESS REMOTE FILES, email, network shares, and printers instantly
  • PAINLESS SETUP – Nothing technical to cofigure
  • EASILY TRANSFER FILES from your “Home” PC to your “Away” PC
  • REAL TIME SCREEN SHARING for hassle free collaboration or technical support
  • FIREWALL FRIENDLY – Works behind virtually any firewall with zero configuration